Los huesos del frío

Barakha Producciones / Enrique Leal

Fiction Short Film

“Domi receives letters from her brother Angel, he asks her to get him out of the prison where he is being held. After a year, Domi begins a journey in the middle of the war to try to bring him back home; a journey which she will never forget.”.


Marta Larralde, Manuel Gimeno, Julius Cotter, Maribel Jara, Lucía Caraballo, Carlos Guerrero, Martín Aslan, Paco Hidalgo.


Production year: 2013
Writer and Director: Enrique Leal
Produced by: Barakha
Executive Producer: Antonio Rodriguez
Cinematography: Jose Antonio Muñoz
Sound Mixer and Supervising Sound Editor:
Jose Luis Alcaine Bartolomé
Art Direction: Yasmina Tous
Costume: Angeles Leal
Hair Stylist: Ruth Navarro
Makeup Artist: Sonia Cuesta
Film Editing: Antonio Rodriguez
OST: Fernando Lázaro
Design: Javier Reta
Crowdfounding: Lino Clemente & Natalia Borrajeros

It’s been a long, exhausting … and passionate way. I never thought, when I wrote the last paragraph of the script, that this story was going to turn into the delight that I think we have here. Many people have contributed with effort, enthusiasm and talent. I dare not name all of you. But I assure you, you all are on my mind while I’m writing this. I do want to name my two great loves who have been by my side, day by day during this journey: Cristina Tello Fustel and Asier, the best things to have ever happened to me. I want to say, very loud, I would have never been able to make it happen without a person – Antonio Rodriguez – with whom I had not conceived of starting a new project. Thanks to Roncho, this is going well. Thanks also, to Angeles Leal Jimenez, costume manager and, above all, my mother, for being the person who this project has kept awake the most and just for being there, supporting me. And above all, I would like to dedicate this hard work to the hardest working person I’ve ever seen, to the most generous and unique person … Dad, this is also yours.

Enrique Leal